Quark based, protein packed mini pizzas

EN: In the weekend I spent some time in the kitchen to prepare another cheat meal in a healthier edition 🙂 This time I was not alone, since we prepared some quark based & protein packed mini pizzas with Mimi, who writes the fashion blog called Szép a páva. You know that I’m not a pizza fan, I can count on one hand how many times I ate it last year, hehe 😀 Anyway, sometimes I’m craving for it, but these high protein, low carb & low fat mini pizzas can fit into a diet as well… 😉 Ingredients (made 4 mini pizzas for us): 250 g low fat quark 1 egg 60 g oat flour 30 g unflavoured protein powder (I used Oriflame Wellness Protein Blend) 50 g kefir 1 tbsp coconut oil half package baking powder salt, pepper, basil, oregano, garlic topping as you wish: I have put cherry tomatoes, some low fat mozzarella, chicken breast, olives and fresh basil leaves to mine 😉 Heat the oven to 170 °C, and mix the ingredients of the base. Roll out the dough (it’s going to be sticky, don’t worry) onto a silicone ba

5+1 workout motivation tips

EN: I guess almost everyone made a new year resolution with respect to healthy lifestyle. We decided to work out harder and regularly and of course to be more disciplined if it comes to clean eating 🙂 However, in the middle of February you might have lost a little bit from your enthusiasm, this is why I’m sharing several tips which can help you to keep going! 🙂 HU: Gondolom az év elején mindenki megfogadta, hogy idén minden jobb lesz, keményebben és kitartóbban fog menni a sport, fegyelmezettebben a tiszta étkezés, és meglesz a hőn áhított beach body! 😉 Azóta viszont lehet kicsit alábbhagyott a nagy lendület, ezért hoztam Nektek pár tippet, hátha segít túllendülni a holtponton! 🙂 1., Set new goals and document your progress! This is the most important if you’ve just started your new lifestyle, since it’s easier to stop and quit after some initial difficulties. Make notes, and document your progress, whether it’s about numbers but progress photos are the best. It will b

Photo diary

EN: Well, I guess it’s high time to give a sign that I’m still alive and explain “briefly” (I’m not sure if I’m able to write short texts at all… :D) what’s going on lately 🙂 Work has been always hectic but this is the last semester of my PhD, which means that currently I’m having even more stuff to do. Right now I’m working on 2 publications, 2 grant applications and as always, I have to keep going with my experimental projects, one in Budapest and one in Pécs, where I’m traveling next week. Last week I moved to a new apartment after 2 and half years, so in the previous 1-2 weeks besides work and everything else, I had to pack all my stuff and step by step move everything from one apartment to another. Since working out is essential part of my life, I won’t give it up, no matter what’s going on. Due to these extraordinary happenings and late working hours, I often finished my days quite late in the gym or started them with an empty stomach cardio early in the morning before work

Russian Style with LipsClothes

Photo: Zsanett Füri Overal: LipsClothes (get it here) Coat: F&F EN: So this is what happens, when a designer and a blogger have like 30 minutes for a random photoshooting… 😀 I love Zsanis’s clothes, she has such a classy and elegant style, always making me feel like I’m dressed to kill 😛 This overall is my absolute fav piece from her latest, Pearl Collection. To be honest, at first I was a bit scared because it’s one of those clothes, which you have to be able to wear, but it just fits perfectly, like it was made for me 🙂 Now we’re working on something which makes me quite excited, but I’ll keep you updated soon :* HU: Avagy mi történik, amikor egy tervezőnek és egy bloggernek van fél órája összehozni egy random fotózást… 🙂 Zsani stílusát egyszerűen imádom, hihetetlenül letisztult, nőies darabjai vannak, és mindig tud újat mutatni. A jelenlegi Pearl kollekcióból ez az overall a kedvencem, amitől őszintén szólva ódzkodtam egy kicsit az elején, ugyanis tipiku

Fitness portfolio by András Márton

Photo: András Márton EN: I cannot tell how much I wanted to share these photos with you, since this was one of my absolute favourite photoshootings recently 😉 After the campaign shoothing of the latest, Lotus collection by Swantic, I also visited Fabrik Studio to create a little fitness portfolio with András Márton 😉 When I got my Lifestyle and nutritionist consultant certificate, I decided to start my own project, since the very first guinea pig had to be myself, whoever else 😛 😀 To be honest, I’ve been to ups and downs as well, but finally managed to get into this shape, which makes me so proud! 🙂 Hope you like the photos as well! ♥ HU: Már jó ideje szeretném megosztani Veletek az eddigi egyik kedvenc fotózásomon készült képeket! 🙂 A Swantic Lotus kollekciójának fotózása után Márton Andrásnál is megfordultam a Fabrik Stúdióban, ugyanis még korábban megbeszéltük, hogy alkotunk egy kisebb fitness portfóliót 🙂 Ha még emlékeztek, az Életmód és táplálko


EN: Accidentally, but 2017 happened to be the year of traveling for me (which I do not regret at all, hehe 😛 :D). I have no idea why, but lately I’m more into getaways to beautiful places close to nature, hiking and such random trips, so visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park was on my bucket list for a while 🙂 Since winter and cold weather doesn’t mean any problem to me, I booked my place immediately when I saw that my favourite traveling company, Diák-Utak organized a trip there at the end of December 🙂 Since I traveled with them to Venice and Croatia already and I have only positive experience, joining them was no question to me 😉 We had an amazing time at a beautiful place so I’m quite happy and satisfied about this trip but rather let the photos talk 🙂 If you’re interested in similar trips, go and check their website, I’ll go somewhere with them soon for sure! 😉 HU: 2017 talán akaratlanul is, de az utazások éve volt nálam (amit természetesen egy percig sem bánok 😛 :

Swantic Lotus Collection

Photo: András Cselényi-Szabó EN: I think I won’t surprise you with the fact, that if I had to choose my absolute favourite sportswear brand, I’d say “Swantic” immediately! ♥ Besides paying attention to my appearance at the gym, I usually do killer workouts instead of having fun or gossiping around, which means that comfort and functionality are the most important when it comes to workout clothes! 🙂 Bogi’s clothes absolutely meet my expectations and besides being a super talented designer, she’s also a hard-working, super kind person having a huge heart! ♥ Due to all of this, I felt extremely honored when she asked me to be one of the models at the photoshooting of the latest, Lotus collection of the brand 🙂 To be honest, I had a hard period that time and I was a bit struggling with my diet as well, but at least I had something which kept me motivated 😛 And looking at the photos I feel that it was totally worth it! 😉 If you like the set, you can order it here in 3 colors (I

Oriflame Wellness Blogger Event

EN: You know that I absolutely love events, which are related to healthy lifestyle, whether it’s about sport or gastronomy 🙂 This is why I was extremely happy about being invited to the Wellness Blogger meeting organized by Oriflame. To be honest, besides knowing that it’s going to be awesome, I couldn’t expect anything more perfect, I’m absolutely amazed! 🙂 The event took place just a few days before Christmas at Gastropolis, where I could spend the rest of my life, cooking and baking all day, hehe 🙂 😛 After a short presentation about Oriflame’s new Wellness products, we could make little teams and started cooking, wohooo! Since I cook a lot which means that I’m quite familiar in the kitchen, I became the chef of the group, making my little cooks busy around to prepare together some zucchini stuffed with chickpea & veggies 🙂 ♥ After everyone was ready with the meals, we could start eating all those delish dishes! ♥ Everything was so tasty and not least super healthy, boosted wi

Best of 2017

EN: Contrary to previous years, this time I didn’t feel the lust to write novel-like annual review posts 😀 If I had to describe 2017 in a word, I have to admit that it would be hard enough… :O Every time I felt that it wasn’t one of the best years, or wasn’t exceptional… However, I had to realize that I have absolutely no reason to complain, moreover, many amazing things have happened to me! 🙂 Maybe it wasn’t the most prominent year of my life, but I managed to visit beautiful places, spent my time with amazing people and in most cases, I did such things which I absolutely enjoyed! 🙂 Whether it’s my PhD research, taking a new course, going for another workout, writing a new blog post, organizing a new event, giving a presentation, trying a new recipe, and so on… 🙂 There were obviously bad periods or hard days, when I felt that everything is falling apart. Sometimes I had no motivation at all or just didn’t understand why certain things are happening to me. Sometimes I felt

Wonderful hair by Hairwonder :)

EN: Recently I’ve been testing Hairwonder products, which can be found at one of my favourite stores, Diéta Life Market, a place which I often visit if I need some healthy ingredients for my foodprep 🙂 Besides healthy food, you can also find there natural cosmetic brands, including Hairwonder. You know that I care a lot about my hair, however it needs some extra treatment in this season, due to frequent temperature changes. Besides providing some additional care, I wanted to avoid taking in extra amount of chemicals, this is why I love the philosophy of the Dutch Hairwonder brand: they are the first and only hair care brand with products that are all enriched with at least 8 certified organic ingredients. They have been specializing in developing products that repair the hair, nourish and let it shine 🙂 I’ve been using Hair Repair shampoo and conditioner and I can happily say that my hair is much softer, shiny and strong, and I’m not the only one, who noticed it! 😉 Due to all these positive ex

Merry Christmas! ♥

EN: Today the one and only thing that I’m planning to do online is sharing this post 🙂 I wish you a Merry and Peaceful Christmas with lots of Love! ♥ Spend your time with your beloved ones, be happy and grateful for each other, and please let go all the stress and negative thoughts! Oh, and eat some delish food!!! 😉 🙂 HU: Azt hiszem mára csak egy gyors karácsonyi beköszönés erejéig tart az online jelenlétem, aztán el is tűnök a virtuális világból 🙂 Nagyon-nagyon-nagyon Boldog, Békés és Szeretetben Gazdag Karácsonyt Kívánok Nektek! ♥ Legyetek azokkal akik fontosak Nektek, örüljetek egymásnak, engedjetek el minden stresszt és feszültséget, és egyetek finomakat!!! 😉 🙂

FitSide – Starting something new… :)

EN: Lately I find quite impressive those actions when someone decides something and then makes it happen, speaking about any aspects of life… And now I can say that we have done exactly the same thing! 😉 You could read here about the idea and the first steps, and now I’d like to tell you how I feel after organizing our very first event 😛 I think we all had to step out of our comfort zone, since we started our this whole thing completely in the dark, with zero experience and no leader who could control the whole process. We had quite a lot to do, but feeling that you work on something what makes you passionate, motivated and extremely happy is just invaluable 🙂 Besides organizing things I also had to use my creative side, since I was the one who designed and created the poster of the event, or compiled the gift packs 🙂 And I also became “caring Virág” when I started baking an industrial amount of oatmeal cookies for the participants 😛 😀 I can’t be grateful enough to Zsuzsi for the

Body hydration using silky-soft water by BWT ♥ A selyemvíz nyomában… ♥

EN: Being a biochemist who has also completed a lifestyle and nutritionist course, I think I have several critical aspects regarding the importance of proper water intake, as well as its beneficial effects. If someone asks for advice with respect to diet, I always say that the very first thing is consuming the appropriate amount of water. If you remember, in summer we participated in the 30 day challenge of BWT with my sweetest Andi (you can read the post here), thus calling attention to the significance of hydration 🙂 Campaigns like this are always the bottom of my heart, since they absolutely reflect my lifestyle, this is why I always gladly join such challenges! ♥ In this post, I’d like to go a bit further and write about how important is the quality of water, which we drink every day or use at home. Since besides the amenities, clear and soft water has significant impacts with respect to our skin and hair condition, as well as protecting our household appliances from limescale and corrosion. Since

I. FitSide meetup

EN: If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that recently I’m having a tough period. Well, it doesn’t mean that you have to imagine me sitting in my room and crying whole day but still, I feel that I’m a bit out of motivation, energy and somehow missing the usual “Virág spirit” 🙁 You keep asking me how can I be so passionate all the time, keep myself motivated and keep going even in the hardest situations. I have no logical explanation for this, I have this kind of personality and life also has taught me several things 🙂 But I know that you’re even more interested in how I handle the harder periods, like this one… Fortunately it happens quite rarely and what I do is putting aside the things which are sort of compulsion and keep me under pressure (okay, I can not skip work, haha 😀 but I absolutely love my job, so basically there is no problem with my PhD research ♥) Anyway, I keep pushing the things which make me happy, satisfied, and keep me balanced. What is also good for me

Avocado & pumpkin salad

EN: Since I always post healthy dessert recipes here on the blog, it was time for a little change 😉 I made this super tasty salad last weekend, but I’m sure that I’ll prepare it pretty soon, since it’s heavenly, trust me! 🙂 Ingredients: 1 avocado 100-150 g pumpkin (baked) 70-80 g salad mix (lettuce, ruccola, lambs lettuce, baby spinach, beetroot) 30-40 g walnuts seeds (I used a mixture of sunflower seed, pumpkin seed & goji berry) The preparation is quite easy, I started with cutting the avocado and the pumpkin into slices, then mixed with the salad and finished with adding the walnuts and the seeds 😉 For me it was already filling enough, so I didn’t prepare any dressing, but I could imagine something with honey, soy sauce and spices 😉 HU: Mivel mindig csak édes harapnivalókat mutogatok itt a blogon, úgy gondoltam, itt az ideje egy kis váltásnak 😉 Ezt a szuper finom salátát még múlt hétvégén készítettem el, de biztosan megcsinálom újra, mert isteni lett! 🙂 Hozzávaló

My Fitness Story: Killin’ it! ;)

Legutóbb ott hagytam abba, hogy a betegségem és a gigantikus csalónapok következtében kicsit elszontyolodtam, ugyanis egyrészt nem tudtam edzeni, másrészt pedig azt láttam, nem az igazi a magamnak írt étrendem. Ezért megnyomtam a képzeletbeli restart gombot és új tervekkel, újult erővel vágtam bele a dolgokba. Ami az étrendet illeti, láttam már korábban hogy mi az, amire szépen reagál a testem, viszont radikális és azt is, hogy mi az, ami kevésbé hardcore, de nem hozta a várt eredményt. A kettő közé lőttem be dolgot, a lelkem mélyén pedig tudtam, hogy most nem a sötétben tapogatózok, így ez most működőképes lesz 😉 Az edzések borzasztóan jól estek, sőt a diéta is, a hétvégi apróbb csalásokat (amik bekalkulált dolgok voltak) leszámítva gyakorlatilag több, mint két hete ugyanazt eszem hétközben, de még nem unom, nyilván változtatnék, ha így lenne 😀 De még én magam is meglepődtem rajta, hogy milyen kiemelkedően jól esik csapatni, és nem

Autumn favourites

Ismét összegyűlt egy szép kis termékcsoport, amik az utóbbi időben eléggé a szívemhez nőttek, így ha bárki megkérdezi, hogy miket használok mostanában, őket ajánlom 🙂 Pár hete jártam a Rosetti Bizsu workshopján, ahol ez a piros-fekete, cseresznyevirágos choker nyaklánc azonnal elnyerte a tetszésemet 🙂 Lakatos Jusztina, a brand kreatív igazgatója pedig volt olyan kedves, hogy megajándékozott vele, nagyon szépen köszönöm! 🙂 A másik szerelmem ez a szürke Sarkozy sapka, ami az Open Showroom sajtóreggelijén kapott ajándékcsomagomban lapult 🙂 Szuperül stylingolható, illik a stílusomhoz és kifejezetten praktikus ebben az átmeneti időjárásban, jobb ajándékot nem is kaphattam volna! 😉 Kozmetikumok tekintetében új kedvencem a Blue Bird Roastery és a HerbArting kollaborációjában megszületett kávés termékcsalád. Sosem voltam egy nagy koffeinfüggő, a pajzsmirigyem miatt pedig méginkább mérséklem a kávéfogyasztást. Ennek a tusfürdőnek és

Low carb cinnamon rolls

EN: Time to share my current fav recipe ♥ I’ve prepared these low carb cinnamon rolls already for the third time in a month, which means that I really like them 😉 😛 I found the original recipe here, which I changed a little bit by adding some protein powder to the dough. For the first time I didn’t like the texture of the filling so I tried to add some protein peanut butter, it turned out amazing, so feel free to try this option! 😉 So here is the low carb & hight protein version á la Virág: Ingredients (made 18-20 small rolls): Dough: 180 g low carb flour (I used this one) 150 g low fat natur yogourt 20-30 g erythrytol (feel free to add more, if you want a sweeter taste) 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 g baking powder 1 portion protein powder (I used Nutrend Deluxe 100% Whey Protein in cinnamon roll flavor, haha so perfect for this recipe ♥) 1 tablespoon of water 1 egg (only for the crust) Filling: 60 g coconut oil 8-10 g cinnamon 20-30 g erytrytol optional: 1 large teaspoon of peanut butter

From a fitgirl’s wishlist…

EN: I often hear that it’s impossible to make happy a fitgirl like me with presents 😛 But trust me, I have dozens of things on my wishlist related to healthy lifestyle, so here are several hints, hope you’ll find it useful if one of your friends or your beloved one is a real fitness lady 😉 (I’m having my nameday on the 26th November and Christmas is also coming, just sayin’… :D) 1., Desserts Well, that’s a divisive point, since chocolate and nice bonbons are kind of jolly joker gifts, but I’m not sure if I’d be absolutely happy about getting some dessert, which is full of sugar (but I highly appreciate the intention anyway… :)) However, if you pay attention to choose a healthy, sugar free option, that’s a very very very good point 😉 If you want to surprise your important one with something really nice & exclusive, look at this one 😉 Speaking about Christmas and Advent, instead of the beauty and girly advent calendars, I’m dying for this one ♥ 2., Accessories Choosing worko

Rock it out!

Photo: Regina Tóth Sweater & skirt: F&F Sunglasses: INVU Eyewear Necklace: Chillearrings Watch: Aliexpress Ankle boots: Fashion Days EN: How you doing Sweeties? 🙂 Fortunately I’m super healthy again which means that since Monday I’m back on track regarding work, while I’m also 100% into diet & workout, feels so good to rock it out! 😉 The “blogger world” is also quite busy lately, there are many upcoming events and I have some “big plans” as well, which you’ll see for sure (maybe not in a few days, but it’s going to be remarkable). Finally we could manage a photoshoot with Regi, since I wanted to share outfit pics with my current favourite skirt & necklace so badly 😛 Maybe I’m weird, but I love this dry & cold autumn weather, it’s perfect for wearing a sweater-skirt-ankle boots combo, which is one of my fav styles 😉 Now I’m going to finish work and leave the institute soon, and tonight I’m having dinner with my girls, can’t wait! 😉 For the weekend I already have seve

Protein pumpkin balls

EN: Autumn also means pumpkin season, however due to my strict low carb diet I haven’t prepared any dishes with pumpkin lately :O Anyway, last week I had to suspend my diet plan as I got a viral stomach infection, which also meant that I had an epic cheat week (yes, it was really bad, shame on me… :/ ). Anyway, at home I had time to create some healthy desserts as well, like these amazing protein pumpkin balls to have a fit treat at least 🙂 Now I’m back to low carbs, but these balls are so creamy and delicious, that I’ll definitely make them again for cheating or a higher carb day 😉 If you want a heavenly sugarfree snack, go for this one, I highly recommend this recipe! 😉 Ingredients (made 13-14 smaller balls): 50 g rolled oats 40 g almond 40 g nuts 150 g pumpkin (baked&mashed) 30 g protein powder (I used Nutrend Deluxe 100% Whey Protein in cinnamon roll flavor) ½ teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ginger ½ teaspoon gingerbread spice mix pinch of nutmeg desiccated coconut for rolling Place the o

My Fitness Story: Restart…

Hmmm, nem is tudom, hol kezdjem a történetet… talán ott, hogy holnap lesz két hete, hogy belevágtam a nagy programomba 😀 Ami annyira nagy, hogy konkrét célt igazából nem tudok megfogalmazni 🙂 Igazából arról van szó, hogy az Életmód és táplálkozási tanácsadó képesítést megszerezve szeretnék első körben magamon kísérletezni és kipróbálni, hogyan tudom hasznosítani az ott elsajátított tudást 🙂 Nincs olyan, hogy meg akarok szabadulni x kilótól, nincs megcélozva semmilyen számszerű érték, egyszerűen kíváncsi vagyok, hogy hogyan reagál a szervezetem bizonyos változtatásokra, amit én magam jónak tartok eszközölni saját kondícióm, anyagcserém, hormonális állapotom illetve céljaim alapján. Ha már célok, azért mégiscsak van valami, aminek örülnék: a nyári, azon belül is a muraui formám 😛 Mivel pontosan tudom, hogy mit és hogy csináltam, aminek köszönhetően akkor úgy néztem ki, hasonló dolgokat próbáltam véghezvinni, bár kic

Photo diary

Az utóbbi napokban eléggé csendben voltam, bár történtek dolgok rendesen: jártam otthon Debrecenben, konferenciáztam Pécsen majd kirándultam a környéken, több divateseményen is megfordultam, majd sikeresen hazavágtam a kemény diétámat egy betegség következtében, ami miatt hétfő óta az ágyat nyomom 🙁 A tömör és velős összefoglaló után azért hoztam egy kis képes illusztrációt is 🙂 A hosszú hétvégét otthon töltöttem Debrecenben, és kivételesen semmire nem voltam hajlandó a pihenésen és a családozáson kívül. Nagyon jót tett a pihenés, feltöltődve és energikusan vágtam neki a hétnek (vagy legalábbis azt hittem…) A diétát természetesen továbbra is folytattam, főleg hogy most az Életmód és táplálkozási tanácsadói képesítés megszerzése után új projektbe vágtam. A részletekről majd írok Nektek bővebben, őszintén, pozitívumokkal és negatívumokkal együtt, főleg hogy nemrég sikerült akaratomon kívül hazavágni a dolgot,

Photoshoot with Swantic

Photo: Anett Belegrai, Boglárka Sántics, András Galambos EN: If you’ve read my outdoor workout post you could have already met Swantic, which is my new favourite sportswear brand created by the super talented Bogi ♥ This time I’d like to show my recent favorites, since after the Actimel 10k competition, we did a random photoshoot on Margaret Island 😉 I highly recommend you to take advantage on this beautiful autumn weather and go for an outdoor workout! Despite being a huge gym fanatic, I absolutely love the feeling of these workouts, done in the fresh air! 🙂 It’s also quite beneficial for your body, just don’t forget to pay attention for the appropriate clothing, since it’s getting cool! I had an amazing time during the photoshoot, not like it would have been so hard, wearing such beautiful workout sets! ♥ When it comes to sportswear, comfort and functionality are my highest priorities, but I also need my workout clothes to be nice, to feel outstanding 😉 This is why I like these p

Classy eye-protection with INVU

Photo: Otto Boldizsár EN: I already mentioned, that we couldn’t stay long at the jewellery workshop organized by Csermakdesign, since we got an invitation to another event with Lilla 🙂 It was another workshop organized by INVU Eyewear and fortunately took place in Adna Cafe, which is located pretty close to the designer showroom where we were staying before. You know that sunglasses are essential accessories to me, however I haven’t heard about this brand before, which made my pretty excited 😛 The workshop was started with a presentation, then we could check the latest collection and also had the possibility to try on the items 😛 A pretty huge number of sunglasses have been presented to us, since they really think about everyone! Besides “standard” sunglasses, they offer items made especially for athletes, or such pieces which can be worn under a helmet or over the normal, dioptric glasses. It was a pleasant surprise that their high quality is coupled with affordable prices so I highly recom