Photo: Regina Tóth Dress: LIPSClothes Necklace: Primark Watch, bracelet, earrings: Aliexpress Bag: Deichmann Shoes: Cin Cin Amica Lipstick: Rimmel Provocalips 550 – Play With Fire EN: I fell in love with this beautiful dress a few weeks ago when I visited Zsani, the designer of LIPSclothes to choose my dress for a blogger day organized by Enikő. She asked me to give a presentation about healthy lifestyle, which made me feel quite honored, so of course I wanted to wear something pretty 🙂 I loved my outfit so much that I decided to shoot photos for a blog post as well, to show you what I was wearing on the ‘big day’ 😛 Zsani’s new collection called Black Swan was debuted that day as well, and omg it’s absolutely my style, you need to check her photos here to see what I’m talking about! 🙂 And maybe you’ll see several pics of me, wearing pieces of this new capsule collection! 😉 HU: Ebbe a ruhába még pár hete szerettem bele, amikor elmentem Zsanihoz, a LIPSclothes tervezőjéhez, ho

Why I became a nutritionist :)

EN: Probably you have already noticed that I took a Lifestyle and Nutritionist course recently 🙂 This is why I was “at school” in the past weekends and now I want to tell why I decided to get such a certificate 🙂 You know that sport has been an essential part of my life from being a little child and I’m quite into clean eating since last year. It feels good to be in a good shape and receive many positive comments all the time, however in my case it’s also a medical issue. So I can say that this whole healthy lifestyle stuff is much more than some crazy fitgirl fad. Speaking about diet, I’ve tried many things, starting from a balanced diet to quite radical points and this summer I found the way which works very well for my body and can be maintained for a long time 🙂 I don’t want to sound egoistic but this summer I managed to have my best shape ever, but I’m not going to lie: I had to work freaking hard for it, but I do not regret any moment of self-denial or doing something which looked

What’s your story? #1: My special bonding to music

Photo: Michael Lambert Dress: Celeni Styling: Natasa Litvin Hair: Réka Sziráki Location: Terem22 EN: I’ve been waiting for a while to share this post, as the photos were taken more than a year ago. There is no exact explanation why I was waiting for such a long time, I just didn’t feel that it’s time to write these lines. However, last week I attended Budapest Fashion Night, which was kind of an exceptional experience in a personal way. Besides the fashion show, there was a concert given by a cellist called Felícián Kalmus, and that was the moment when I felt that I need to write this post. So now I’d like to tell you something about my special connection to music and at the same time start a special series of posts here on the blog. Every time I’ll share extraordinary photos and unusual facts about myself, that you probably didn’t know before 🙂 The ones who are close to me already know that I have a very “unique” taste of music, basically nobody can imagine what kind of music I listen

Photo diary

EN: Well, I haven’t written any photo diary posts lately, however many things are going on, so I have something to write about 🙂 You know that I’m not the person who often gets bored, but I had a much more eventful week than usually, which was quite exhausting on one hand, but being on the go all the time also helped me a lot 🙂 Regarding my research work, there always something to do, but last week I had a very hard experiment in the lab, and I’m also going to attend a conference at the end of the month which means that I also started preparing my slides, etc. Some days had longer working hours than usual, but this time it felt so good to hide a little in the lab and focus on my work with 150% 🙂 Autumn is always full of fashion events, so I’m getting many invitations recently. On Tuesday we visited Budapest Fashion Night with my girls, where we had an amazing time! 🙂 Besides having a look at the wonderful designer clothes and accessories, it was kind of a touching experience but I’m goin

Grab a cup of coffee at Blue Bird Roastery ;)

Fit quark dumplings

EN: My Instagram photo of the homemade fit quark dumplings became quite popular and many of you have kept asking about the recipe for a while, so it’s time to share how these beautiful and low calorie goodies have been prepared 😛 It’s still so funny to remember that years ago how suspicious I was about quark, however in the previous 1-1.5 years it has become one of the “essential” foods, which I always have in my fridge 🙂 I absolutely love that I can keep it eating, no matter how strict diet I have, it’s full of protein, low in carbs, what else do you want? 😛 It’s also perfect for those who often crave for snacks in the evening, since it’s full of casein, a protein which digests slowly so it’s highly recommended to take it before going to bed! 🙂 My favourite is this one from Aldi, however this time instead of this creamy product I used a different one with more “granular” texture. So I was wondering about preparing something sweet, low calorie meal, which I can eat for lunch as

S-Bio 2017 International Conference at Balatonfüred

EN: I’m sure that you have already seen on Instagram or Facebook that after completing my first half marathon, I traveled to Balatonfüred to attend an international conference. This event was sort of a milestone, since I had to give a presentation, which was the very first conference speech that I gave in English. 🙂 When I was informed about my abstract being chosen for oral presentation, besides feeling absolutely honored and proud, I have to admit that I also felt a bit scared 🙂 I have already presented my research work at many conferences, so I’m familiar with giving such a speech, however I gave all of these presentations in Hungarian. Of couse I had to talk about my experiments and results in English many times when I was abroad as a guest researcher, and we often have foreign guest researchers in the group here in Budapest, which means that sometimes our lab meetings are held in English. So I’m quite okay with talking about my research in English, however it’s totally different to give a

Outdoor workout at Lupa Beach

Photo: Richárd Sike Workout sets: Swantic (Deeva Hoodie, Raven set, Trikolor leggings) Location: Lupa Beach EN: Unfortunately the ugly weather makes us do rather indoor workouts, however several sunny days are still coming 🙂 This summer I visited Lupa Beach for the first time, and their beach gym immediately called my attention (of course… :P), so I decided to go back and take one of my photographers as well 😛 In summer, due to the beautiful weather it’s obvious that we want to spend as much time outside as possible, meaning that we rather do outdoor workouts as well. However, most of the open gyms are suitable only for bodyweight workouts, which is okay to me, but this beach gym is fantastic, since you can find everything at the same place. No matter if you want to do a weight workout, a bodyweight workout or even functional exercises 😉 And after a tough workout, you can have a splash at the water, how cool is that? 😛 Maybe this bathing part is not actual in this year anymore, but as long as

If you’re not living on the edge, then you’re taking up a little too much space.

Photo: Regina Tóth Overal: Zara Backpack: Primark Pink dream bracelet: Chillearrings /get it here/ Tree of life bracelet: from Transylvania Anchor bracelet: from Croatia Crystal pendant: Zenzero /get it here/ Sunglasses: from Venice Shoes: Nike EN: As you already know, I prefer the classy, feminine looks which means that I almost always wear skirts or dresses, especially when we shoot outfit photos 🙂 Not mentioning that autumn is already here, and last week I just gave my first English presentation at an international conference (post is coming soon, stay tuned… ;)) So, business woman looks are back on track 😛 However, sometimes I like to let everything a bit off and go for the comfy, easygoing style 🙂 This mood inspired me on our latest photoshoot, I hope you like this sporty look! 🙂 HU: Tudjátok, hogy az esetek nagy százalékában a nőies szetteket szeretem, így leginkább szoknyákban és egyberuhákban járok, fotózásokon pedig még inkább az elegánsabb összeállításokat helyezem

My first half marathon :)

EN: Completing a half marathon was on my list for a while and despite being in a good condition to accomplish it easily, somehow I couldn’t make it happen until last week. In spring, I really wanted to enter one, but then I was medically forced to take a break and skip running due to periostitis and arthritis inflammation :'( After my recovery I didn’t have any certain plans, but then in July, one night I had insomnia and suddenly decided to registrate to the WizzAir half marathon 😀 I know that many people have been preparing themselves for this day a while, but to be honest, I didn’t have any particular training plan. In summer I had many outdoor runnings, I easily completed 10 k almost every time, so I just wanted to go for 15-16 k twice or three times before the big day. The rest was rather a question of mental health, which means that I’m good and I also knew that the people around and the amazing atmosphere will help me to accomplish the distance 🙂 Due to a hard leg day at the gym, I manage

Mystery Box

EN: Earlier (which means years ago… :D) among many women I was also interested in such beauty boxes, which contained “surprise products”. However, recently they haven’t really called my attention, so apart from several exceptions, I rather keep buying those products, which have made me satisfied for a while 🙂 And on the other hand, to be honest: despite of being extremely careful about my appearance, meaning my outfits and makeup as well, I spend much more money on high quality food fitting to my diet, the ingredients which I need for the preparation of my healthy desserts, or workout clothes, so in summary: on my fit lifestyle 🙂 This is why I became extremely happy when I noticed that several surprise boxes are out in the market, containing healthy snacks 😛 One of them is Mystery Box, and I was among the lucky ones to test their first box, which I got as a present from the brand! 🙂 The box contains the following products: Dr. Oetker Vitalis Instant Oats in apple-cinnamon and banana flavou


Photo: Andrea Szanyi EN: I’ve owed you with one last post about our amazing trip to Croatia, since I’d like to share several photos taken on our last day, when we stopped in Crikvenica 🙂 Besides Biograd na Moru, this place is popular and preferred by many tourists, making it a bit overcrowded. But still, it was nice to stop by and have a last splash before going home! 🙂 Speaking about food, we usually prepared all of our meals, however this time we made an exception and had lunch with Misi, who organized the whole trip. Although I’m not a huge pizza fan, somehow I was craving for it, so I ate a huge one with seafood topping (and if you look at the third photo, you can see that after lunch I immediately found the right place to burn those calories, haha :D) Joking aside, I really tried not to burst when we were taking photos at the beach, so typical… 😀 😀 :D) After having few hours free time, we spent the rest of the day on the bus, coming home, meaning that I was mostly sleeping 🙂 Overal

Morning yoga & Biograd & Vrgada

Photo: Andrea Szanyi EN: Our third day in Croatia happened to be quite eventful 🙂 We started the day with some super tasty porridge again, and had a morning yoga session at the beach thanks to Reka, who is a yoga teacher 🙂 After lunch we traveled to Biograd no Moru and spent several hours at the beach with bathing in the sea and taking photos with Andi’s amazing flamingo swimring (well, the wind was blowing like hell and there were hundreds of people around so trust me, it wasn’t an easy task, hehe :D). Anyway, fortunately we had some time to relax and eat ice-cream of course 😛 In the evening we went on a boat tour to Vrgada Island, which is particular about having only 200 inhabitants, thus being a perfect spot for those who want to escape a little bit from this modern world. After spending some time there, we returned back to Drage in the beautiful sunset ♥ Then we had to start packing, as next morning we were coming back to Budapest, however we took a little break on our way and spent some

You are amazing, remember that!

Photo: Dóra Peszeki Dresses: CABALA EN: Before leaving to Croatia, I got an invitation to an amazing event from Betti, who is the designer of the CABALA fashion brand. If you’ve been reading the blog for while, you know that already had a photoshoot with a beautiful CABALA dress, and I really like the motivational & positive mentality which these dresses suggest 🙂 The event took place at the beautiful Pure&Pastel Studio, where after trying the dresses, Kata gave us a quite inspiring presentation about how to increase our self-confidence and finding our inner harmony. I absolutely agreed with everything she said, and right now I’d like to share my own thoughts 🙂 Just think about what you say to yourself looking at the mirror in the morning. I was absolutely shocked, when Kata mentioned how many women think that they’re ugly, worthless and full of failure, due to focusing only on their weak points. However, satisfaction, happiness and having a balanced lifestyle starts at loving yourself. The love

Krka & Sibenik

Photo: Andrea Szanyi EN: We started the second day of our Croatian vacation with an amazing homemade breakfast, and then headed to the Krka National Park 🙂 The park is a peculiar place, since swimming is allowed ♥ Besides being in the woods and close to nature, you can also have a little splash, which is a truly unforgettable experience, trust me! 🙂 I can not tell how much I wanted taking such waterfall photos, so this place was an absolutely perfect location, hehe 😛 After taking pics and swimming a little, we were sunbathing for a while and then continued our way to Sibenik. Due to being on diet, I didn’t eat many ice–creams this summer, but this time I didn’t mind cheating and had an almond–white chocolate–caramel ice–cream on my way to the beach, awwwwww it was so tasty! ♥ After having such an eventful day, we were just chillin’ out at the beach, then went back to the bus through the old town, had a little sightseeing and couldn’t miss a black ice–cream 😛 HU: Horvát nya


Photo: Andrea Szanyi EN: On Saturday we went on a trip with Andi, which we couldn’t wait for a while 🙂 I found an amazing trip to Croatia in May and asked her if she wants to join, since we’ve never traveled together yet 😛 I’ve never been to Croatia before, and my previous trips (UK, Transylvania and Austria) were more active, with lots of hiking, so now it was high time for a relaxing holiday at the beach 😉 The bus left Budapest at 2 am, and we arrived to our first destination, Zadar around noon. I didn’t have any time to sleep in the evening, so I fell asleep on the bus quite easily, haha 😀 Although we were on the go whole night and in the morning as well, I felt absolutely relaxed and full of energy, however that amazing macchiato at the beach was quite a good idea 😛 After bathing, swimming, sunbathing (and taking hundreds of photos… :D) we continued our way to the old town to discover the place and listen to the sea organ 🙂 Then we had some very low calorie dessert and bought o

Brunchin’ like a queen in Lilipop Caffé

EN: The BP Tour column hasn’t been updated recently, but now it’s high time for mentioning a super cute place, located pretty close to Budapest 🙂 Andi and me got an invitation to Lilipop Caffé, and we were planning to have a real, girly brunch there for a while. Finally we had a whole day without any plans, and as I started my cheat week, we decided to spend the morning there ♥ The place is well known about its nature desserts, but they also offer delicious breakfasts made of local & bio ingredients, which made me super happy of course 😛 I decided to order fried eggs with salad and a home-made bun, while Andi chose a zucchini quiche 🙂 But then came the best part: we tried the best two cakes: Andi had a slice of sour cherry cake with basil, and I picked a slice of egg- and gluten-free salty caramel chocolate cake 😛 Omg, both cakes were a real gastrorgasm, but to have an excellent brunch like queens, at the end we also had some nature ice-cream! 😛 This year I didn’t really eat any ice-c

We are all winging it, that’s what angels do ;)

Photo: Regina Tóth ♥ Dress: H&M Shoes: Cipőfalva (get them here) Bag: Primark Bracelets: Aliexpress Earrings: Avocada (get them here) EN: I couldn’t wait for showing you my recent favourite pair of shoes, I’m sooo in love with them! ♥ They are super comfy (even you can not see on the photos, but I’m quite okay in them, even after a few hours :P). I think the outfit is perfect for an amazing summer night, either it’s a fashion event, date night or just a chill out program with the girls 😉 Regina and me went for the last one after the photoshoot, since we were enjoying some sushi with in Japanika, which is one of our fav places! 😉 HU: Alig vártam már, hogy megmutathassam Nektek az új kedvenc cipőmet! ♥ Egyszerűen imádom, és a legjobb az, hogy szuper kényelmes (még ha nem is tűnik úgy a fotókon, de amúgy órákig eljárkálok benne minden gond nélkül :P), ráadásul most leárazva kaparinthatjátok meg! 😉 Az outfit szerintem tökéletes egy nyári estére, legyen szó rend

Prédikálószék ♥

Photo: Andrea Szanyi ♥ Workout set: Aliexpress (get it here) EN: In the weekend I traveled with Andi somewhere, which has been on my bucket list for a while. It’s called Prédikálószék, one of the the highest peaks of the Visegrád mountains. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot, however I realized that besides several foreign destinations, there are many places in Hungary which also need to be discovered. So let’s say that I have some plans for the upcoming weekends 😉 The best thing is, that from Budapest you can reach many of these beautiful places easily. We didn’t have the car, but we took the suburbal railway and the bus, thus we made it! 😛 And since I had a cheat week, we had some ice-cream on our way, and in the evening an amazing dinner at Bors, which is one of the best street food places in Budapest, I highly recommend it if you’re staying nearby! 😉 PS: Have I mentioned that I’m absolutely in love with my new marble workout set? ♥ HU: Szombaton egy olyan helyre látogattunk el

My Fitness Story – Eating clean during holiday

EN: I’m sure you noticed on Instagram that I was eating clean during my holiday in Murau 🙂 Basically I share my food photos to help you a little, since lately I’ve got many questions about my diet (and I also have to admit that they look pretty nice, haha :P). However, I was absolutely shocked about hearing that some of you think that I keep torturing myself to eat such food and don’t allow myself to eat certain things like chocolate, ice-cream, hamburger or french fries, even I’m craving for them. I just want to make clear that I’m not forced to do this by anyone, including myself as well 😉 For me it’s the way of life and I know it sounds pretty weird (propably I would have been laughing at myself a few years ago…), but it doesn’t matter where I am, I prefer eating some super tasty grilled chicken breast or salmon with fresh salad instead of a huge pizza or a chimney-cake ice-cream. I am not a fitness model to be on a strict diet, and I don’t want to prove anything or meet anyone’s


4 super healthy & tasty dessert ideas

EN: During these dog days everyone is craving for a super cold and tasty dessert, however I guess you are not planning to screw your beach body which you achieved with hard work. So instead of a huge icecream full of sugar, you better choose something which fits into your diet 🙂 Let me show my current favourites! 😛 HU: A nyári hőségben mindenki vágyik valamilyen finom, hűsítő desszertre, de ha nem akarjátok egy cukortól tocsogó giga jégkrémmel hazavágni a folyamatban lévő, vagy kemény munkával végre elért beach bodyt, akkor érdemes valamilyen diétásabb megoldást választani 🙂 Mutatom a kedvenceimet! 😛

Cycling tour

EN: We arrived home from Murau yesterday evening, and I can’t tell how many photos I want to share with you! So stay tuned, since several traveling posts are coming! 😛 😀 Choosing the absolute best program would be almost an impossible task, but our cycling tour on Wednesday would finish among the top3 for sure! To be honest, I’m not into cycling, I don’t even have a bike in Budapest, but that afternoon was just amazing! 🙂 Even though I tried to do my best, it’s hard to show this breathtaking surroundings through my camera, you have to be there and live it! 🙂 After posting this pic to Instagram, I’ve got many questions related to my outfit: my pants are from Zaful (link here) and I bought the sweater in Lidl a few months ago 🙂 Oh and I haven’t done French braids by myself for many years, so I was really proud of myself for creating this hairstyle for the very first attempt, hehe 😀 HU: Tegnap este értünk haza Murauból, és rengeteg képem van még, úgyhogy készüljetek a

Austrian travel diary #1

EN: If you’ve been following my recent social media updates, you already know that currently I’m staying in Murau 🙂 My dear Edina, who writes the fashion blog My Sweetest Heaven, invited me to spend a week at this amazing place, and of course I couldn’t say no 😉 Lately I’m into the places so close to nature, you know that I loved our transylvanian family trip as well (if you have not seen the photos yet, you can check them here and here). This relaxing environment also has a quite positive effect on me as well, so I’m quite happy about being here 🙂 We try to spend our time actively and discover beautiful places nearby, however we also take our time to chill and relax, which also means that I have more time to update the blog 🙂 Of course I don’t skip my trainings, I’ve been working out in the past 4 days, so now it’s time for a rest day (however today we went cycling, so I had my daily dose, haha :D). If you want to see more photos about this amazing trip, check my Instagram profile

Natúr & hazai: Magister products termékeket próbáltam

Lehet hogy a következő mondat nem lesz életem legnépszerűbb kijelentése, de vegyészként nem irtózom csuklóból a szintetikus anyagoktól, és azt is tudom, hogy az, ha valami BIO, önmagában még nem jelent mindent, ugyanis a helyzet nem ennyire fekete és fehér, legyen szó a táplálkozásról, vagy a kozmetikumokról. Éppen ezért nem voltam elköteleződve a natúr, illetve biokozmetikumok mellett az elmúlt években. A tavalyi év végén azonban egy kisebb hormonális változás érte a szervezetemet, ami a bőrömön is nyomot hagyott. A helyzet szerencsére nem vészes még így sem, viszont korábban mindenki padlót fogott attól, hogy huszonévesen is olyan bőröm volt, mint egy kisbabának, mostanában viszont sajnos gyakoribb a kisebb pattanások és mitesszerek megjelenése az arcomon. Ezért döntöttem úgy, hogy lecserélem az arcápoló termékeim egy részét, és kipróbálom, hogy hogyan reagál a bőröm a natúr kozmetikumokra 🙂 Még tavasszal kaptam tiszteletjegyet a I