Brunchin’ like a queen in Lilipop Caffé

EN: The BP Tour column hasn’t been updated recently, but now it’s high time for mentioning a super cute place, located pretty close to Budapest 🙂 Andi and me got an invitation to Lilipop Caffé, and we were planning to have a real, girly brunch there for a while. Finally we had a whole day without any plans, and as I started my cheat week, we decided to spend the morning there ♥ The place is well known about its nature desserts, but they also offer delicious breakfasts made of local & bio ingredients, which made me super happy of course 😛 I decided to order fried eggs with salad and a home-made bun, while Andi chose a zucchini quiche 🙂 But then came the best part: we tried the best two cakes: Andi had a slice of sour cherry cake with basil, and I picked a slice of egg- and gluten-free salty caramel chocolate cake 😛 Omg, both cakes were a real gastrorgasm, but to have an excellent brunch like queens, at the end we also had some nature ice-cream! 😛 This year I didn’t really eat any ice-c

We are all winging it, that’s what angels do ;)

Photo: Regina Tóth ♥ Dress: H&M Shoes: Cipőfalva (get them here) Bag: Primark Bracelets: Aliexpress Earrings: Avocada (get them here) EN: I couldn’t wait for showing you my recent favourite pair of shoes, I’m sooo in love with them! ♥ They are super comfy (even you can not see on the photos, but I’m quite okay in them, even after a few hours :P). I think the outfit is perfect for an amazing summer night, either it’s a fashion event, date night or just a chill out program with the girls 😉 Regina and me went for the last one after the photoshoot, since we were enjoying some sushi with in Japanika, which is one of our fav places! 😉 HU: Alig vártam már, hogy megmutathassam Nektek az új kedvenc cipőmet! ♥ Egyszerűen imádom, és a legjobb az, hogy szuper kényelmes (még ha nem is tűnik úgy a fotókon, de amúgy órákig eljárkálok benne minden gond nélkül :P), ráadásul most leárazva kaparinthatjátok meg! 😉 Az outfit szerintem tökéletes egy nyári estére, legyen szó rend

Prédikálószék ♥

Photo: Andrea Szanyi ♥ Workout set: Aliexpress (get it here) EN: In the weekend I traveled with Andi somewhere, which has been on my bucket list for a while. It’s called Prédikálószék, one of the the highest peaks of the Visegrád mountains. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot, however I realized that besides several foreign destinations, there are many places in Hungary which also need to be discovered. So let’s say that I have some plans for the upcoming weekends 😉 The best thing is, that from Budapest you can reach many of these beautiful places easily. We didn’t have the car, but we took the suburbal railway and the bus, thus we made it! 😛 And since I had a cheat week, we had some ice-cream on our way, and in the evening an amazing dinner at Bors, which is one of the best street food places in Budapest, I highly recommend it if you’re staying nearby! 😉 PS: Have I mentioned that I’m absolutely in love with my new marble workout set? ♥ HU: Szombaton egy olyan helyre látogattunk el

My Fitness Story – Eating clean during holiday

EN: I’m sure you noticed on Instagram that I was eating clean during my holiday in Murau 🙂 Basically I share my food photos to help you a little, since lately I’ve got many questions about my diet (and I also have to admit that they look pretty nice, haha :P). However, I was absolutely shocked about hearing that some of you think that I keep torturing myself to eat such food and don’t allow myself to eat certain things like chocolate, ice-cream, hamburger or french fries, even I’m craving for them. I just want to make clear that I’m not forced to do this by anyone, including myself as well 😉 For me it’s the way of life and I know it sounds pretty weird (propably I would have been laughing at myself a few years ago…), but it doesn’t matter where I am, I prefer eating some super tasty grilled chicken breast or salmon with fresh salad instead of a huge pizza or a chimney-cake ice-cream. I am not a fitness model to be on a strict diet, and I don’t want to prove anything or meet anyone’s


4 super healthy & tasty dessert ideas

EN: During these dog days everyone is craving for a super cold and tasty dessert, however I guess you are not planning to screw your beach body which you achieved with hard work. So instead of a huge icecream full of sugar, you better choose something which fits into your diet 🙂 Let me show my current favourites! 😛 HU: A nyári hőségben mindenki vágyik valamilyen finom, hűsítő desszertre, de ha nem akarjátok egy cukortól tocsogó giga jégkrémmel hazavágni a folyamatban lévő, vagy kemény munkával végre elért beach bodyt, akkor érdemes valamilyen diétásabb megoldást választani 🙂 Mutatom a kedvenceimet! 😛

Cycling tour

EN: We arrived home from Murau yesterday evening, and I can’t tell how many photos I want to share with you! So stay tuned, since several traveling posts are coming! 😛 😀 Choosing the absolute best program would be almost an impossible task, but our cycling tour on Wednesday would finish among the top3 for sure! To be honest, I’m not into cycling, I don’t even have a bike in Budapest, but that afternoon was just amazing! 🙂 Even though I tried to do my best, it’s hard to show this breathtaking surroundings through my camera, you have to be there and live it! 🙂 After posting this pic to Instagram, I’ve got many questions related to my outfit: my pants are from Zaful (link here) and I bought the sweater in Lidl a few months ago 🙂 Oh and I haven’t done French braids by myself for many years, so I was really proud of myself for creating this hairstyle for the very first attempt, hehe 😀 HU: Tegnap este értünk haza Murauból, és rengeteg képem van még, úgyhogy készüljetek a

Austrian travel diary #1

EN: If you’ve been following my recent social media updates, you already know that currently I’m staying in Murau 🙂 My dear Edina, who writes the fashion blog My Sweetest Heaven, invited me to spend a week at this amazing place, and of course I couldn’t say no 😉 Lately I’m into the places so close to nature, you know that I loved our transylvanian family trip as well (if you have not seen the photos yet, you can check them here and here). This relaxing environment also has a quite positive effect on me as well, so I’m quite happy about being here 🙂 We try to spend our time actively and discover beautiful places nearby, however we also take our time to chill and relax, which also means that I have more time to update the blog 🙂 Of course I don’t skip my trainings, I’ve been working out in the past 4 days, so now it’s time for a rest day (however today we went cycling, so I had my daily dose, haha :D). If you want to see more photos about this amazing trip, check my Instagram profile

Natúr & hazai: Magister products termékeket próbáltam

Lehet hogy a következő mondat nem lesz életem legnépszerűbb kijelentése, de vegyészként nem irtózom csuklóból a szintetikus anyagoktól, és azt is tudom, hogy az, ha valami BIO, önmagában még nem jelent mindent, ugyanis a helyzet nem ennyire fekete és fehér, legyen szó a táplálkozásról, vagy a kozmetikumokról. Éppen ezért nem voltam elköteleződve a natúr, illetve biokozmetikumok mellett az elmúlt években. A tavalyi év végén azonban egy kisebb hormonális változás érte a szervezetemet, ami a bőrömön is nyomot hagyott. A helyzet szerencsére nem vészes még így sem, viszont korábban mindenki padlót fogott attól, hogy huszonévesen is olyan bőröm volt, mint egy kisbabának, mostanában viszont sajnos gyakoribb a kisebb pattanások és mitesszerek megjelenése az arcomon. Ezért döntöttem úgy, hogy lecserélem az arcápoló termékeim egy részét, és kipróbálom, hogy hogyan reagál a bőröm a natúr kozmetikumokra 🙂 Még tavasszal kaptam tiszteletjegyet a I

Afternoon picnic – fitgirl style

EN: On Wednesday we had a real fitgirl picnic with Barbi, who I knew only from Instagram and Facebook before. She has an amazing personality, 100% inspiring and motivating, so be sure to check out her profile 😉 Besides her workout posts, she is also a lifestyle and nutrition consultant, meaning that she helps many people with diet plans, and gives professional advice regarding to eating clean and living a balanced lifestyle. This is why I felt so honored when she asked me to contribute in her new post series as a co-author 🙂 Of course we’ve been talking on Facebook and Instagram for a while, however we wanted to meet each other personally as well, this is why we organized the picnic with homemade, fitness foods of course 😉 I made a quinoa salad, some oatmeal cookies and protein raffaello & coconut balls, while Barbi brought super tasty protein pancakes, quark cream and flavoured white tea 🙂 We had an amazing time, so we agreed to repeat it pretty soon! 😛 You can find the recipe of the oatmeal

Stay hydrated – 30 day challenge with BWT

HU: Biztosan emlékeztek még, hogy júniusban egy nagyon izgalmas kihíváshoz csatlakoztunk Andival 🙂 A Best Water Technology ugyanis arra kért minket, hogy teszteljük az új, Magnesium Mineralizer vízszűrő kancsójukat, és 30 napon keresztül fogyasszunk napi 2.5-3 liter vizet, majd számoljunk be a tapasztalatokról. Nagyon örültem neki, hogy egy ilyen kezdeményezéshez csatlakozhatok, ugyanis fontosnak tartok minden olyan megmozdulást, aminek keretében felhívhatom a figyelmet az egészséges életmódra, legyen szó a táplálkozásról, a testmozgásról, vagy jelen esetben a kellő mennyiségű folyadék beviteléről. Nem beszélve arról, hogy ilyenkor nyáron, a szervezet fokozottan igényli a hidratálást! A múltkori bejegyzésben is említettem, hogy nekem a kihívásban szereplő napi 2.5-3 liter folyadék elfogyasztása abszolút nem volt kihívás, hiszen a diéta és a rengeteg edzés miatt amúgy is fokozottan figyelek szervezetem hidratálására, így kicsit felturbóztam

Pool day

Photo: Andrea Szanyi ♥ Special thanks to Calzedonia for my beautiful bikini ♥ EN: I can not tell you how much I was waiting for the first pool day of this summer! The weather was quite tricky in the past few weeks, like dog days from Monday to Friday, then rainy and windy in the weekend, which made me pretty upset of course… :/ 😀 Anyway, last week finally we managed to spend an amazing afternoon by the pool with Andi (and finally had the chance to wear our beautiful new bikinis, which we got from Calzedonia) 😉 Since then I already had my second time at the lake Balaton, so I can’t complain any more, although I still have some plans… 😉 😀 HU: El sem tudom mondani, mennyire vártam, hogy végre strandolhassak egyet idén, ugyanis kezdtem agyérgörcsöt kapni, hogy körülbelül másfél hónapon keresztül mindig hétközben volt kánikula, hétvégén pedig 10 fokot esett a hőmérséklet, én pedig esőben és szélben konstatáltam, hogy “jó, majd akkor jövő héten… :D” Múlt

Girl crew

Photo: Richárd Sike Dress: H&M Bag: Zee Lane /FashionDays/ Necklace, sunglasses, watch: Aliexpress Shoes: Cin Cin Amica EN: I couldn’t stand not showing you my new favourite dress, which I managed to buy on a special price months ago. To be honest, it’s quite out of my comfort zone, since I guess I have mentioned that I don’t really like blue color 😀 Despite of this, the dress was love at the first sight, so I already knew that I’ll buy it, even if it’s my first blue piece for many years. I absolutely love the prints on it, and wearing it with red accessories gives a real vibrant look. How do you like this outfit, Sweeties? 🙂 HU: Nem bírtam ki, hogy ne mutassam meg Nektek az új kedvenc ruhámat, ami egyébként még Glamour napi szerzemény, ennek ellenére nem sokszor volt még rajtam. Egyébként nem gyengén kiléptem a komfortzónámból, ugyanis szerintem már említettem párszor, de a kék szín valahogy nem az én világom. Ennek ellenére, amikor megláttam ezt a ruhát, tudtam hog

The best protein pancakes ♥

EN: Since I’ve tried this amazing recipe, which I’ve found on Zsofka’s blog, I’m not willing to prepare protein pancakes another way, haha 😀 I think I haven’t mentioned yet, but for many years I really didn’t like quark, however a year ago I started using it regularly to prepare foods which fit into my diet 🙂 This low fat quark from Aldi is my fav so far, so creamy and tasty, I always keep several jars in my fridge, since I can use it to prepare something quick with lots of protein, when I go home from workout in the evening 🙂 Back to the pancakes, the best is that they are quark based, low carb and contain no sugar at all, but still filling and have a heavenly taste! 🙂 If you want to prepare it, you need the following: 60 g low fat quark 1 egg 25 g oat flour 10 g coconut flour 15 g protein powder, I use FitCity Nutrition Professional Whey 100 whey protein, lemon-quark and chocolate-coconut are my fav flavours! ♥ cinnamon, a pinch of baking powder and salt ~ 7 cl mineral water Mix th

Transylvania Travel Diary #2: Zetelak & Székelyvarság

EN: Oh, I just realized that I haven’t shared the second travel diary about our transylvanian trip, with the best memories actually… 🙂 On the second day we managed to visit many beautiful places, and I cannot find the words to describe, what an amazing day we had! 🙂 At first we wanted to go to the artificial lake at Zetelak for some bathing 😛 On the way, we just stopped at a beautiful area and went hiking to the mountains, where we found a lovely little house by accident 🙂 The owners were so nice, invited us and offered some homemade wine as well, such a warm welcome! 🙂 Finally we got to the lake, where I got amazed by the view of the crystal clear water among the mountains, however then almost got a heart attack, when I realized that I forgot my swimsuit at the apartment. Anyway, at the end I just didn’t care, once we were there 😀 😀 😀 After bathing and chilling and sunbathing a little, we continued our way to Székelyvarság, to see the Csorgókő waterfall and go hiking to the

Burgundy lace

Photo: Antal Kliszek Dress: (get it here with special discount using the coupon code Virag537) Bag: Bijou Brigitte Earrings: Aliexpress Necklace: Avocada Ring: from my grandma Shoes: H&M EN: I have no idea when was the last time, when I posted outfit photos, so now it’s time to catch up a little 🙂 This amazing burgundy lace dress is one of my fav pieces in the season, so elegant and sophisticated, I love it! 🙂 Finally I finished my research grant application and my experiments in Pécs, so I’m back to Budapest and everything is fine 🙂 Besides working, this week was about many blogger events and tonight I’m going out for a concert but at least I never get bored… 😛 For the weekend, I’m planning to relax a bit and on Sunday I’m going to try wakeboarding for the first time, which makes me so excited, haha 😀 What are your plans, Sweeties? 🙂 HU: Nem is tudom, mikor volt utoljára outfit sorozat a blogon, úgyhogy itt az ideje behozni a lemaradást 🙂 Ez a burgundi csipkeruh

30 day challenge with Best Water Technology – halfway

EN: Two weeks ago I started a new challenge with my sweetie Andi, who writes the blog Style in the wardrobe 🙂 Best Water Technology Group, which is the leading water technology enterprise chose several bloggers to join a 30 day challenge, test the Magnesium Mineralizer table water filer jugs and share our experiences, thus drawing attention to the importance of consuming appropriate amount of water. As healthy lifestyle is quite important to me, I’m very happy to be part of this special project and challenge myself a bit as well 🙂 The challenge says that in June we should drink at least 2.5-3 litres of water for 30 days and see the beneficial effects of the increased hydration level. Consuming such an amount of water is not new to me, since my usual daily intake is around 4 litres (mostly water and unsweetened green tea), so right now you can ask what’s the real challenge for me? 🙂 To be honest, I’ve been rushing everywhere lately, and unfortunately I have to admit, that I didn’t always pay

Your choice.

Nem tartom magam nagy megmondóembernek, és nem látom szükségét annak, hogy nyilvánosan tartsak életvezetési tanácsadást, de az utóbbi időben nem egyszer megkaptam a pozitívan csodálkozó tekinteteket és szavakat, miszerint sokaknak nagyon tetszik az, ahogy menedzselem a dolgaimat és egyengetem a saját kis utamat. Nem egy nálam idősebb, magasabb pozícióban lévő, és karrierjében előrehaladottabb ember jegyezte meg, hogy nem semmi ez a tudatosság és következetesség, valamint a hihetetlen pozitivitás, ahogy a stresszhelyzeteket kezelem. Mostanság valóban úgy érzem, jól mennek a dolgaim, amit saját motivációm és kemény munkám mellett nyilván egy-két szerencsés élethelyzetnek is és szakmai támogatásnak is köszönhetek. A fő mozgatórugó viszont egy olyan dolog, amin sokat gondolkodtam, megosszam-e, mert a dolgok ok-okozati összefüggése érzékeny terület, ennek ellenére kikívánkoznak belőlem a következő sorok, még ha utólag bánni is fogom. Tehát, mi

Transylvania Travel Diary #1:Königssteig & Bucea

EN: I already mentioned in my previous post, or you could see on Instagram or Facebook that I spent the previous days in Transylvania with my family 🙂 I cannot tell you how much I was waiting for this trip, since I was really exhausted and felt that I’m at the edge after such a busy and eventful period that I had lately, but I knew that I’ll have four wonderful days with active relaxation in a beautiful environment, close to nature. Moreover, to be honest, I have no idea how many years ago was the last time when we managed to go on a family trip, since it happens once or twice a year that the whole family can be together, which means that we needed some organization skills for this trip, hehe 😀 So, Thursday morning finally we started our adventure and left Debrecen. Our first stop was in Königssteig, where we were hiking and looking around a little, then we continued our way to the guesthouse Mirabilandia to have lunch and rest a bit 🙂 The place is quite cozy and stylish, so we are conside

Photo diary

EN: I’m just on the way to my hometown, since the previous days were pretty tough, but tomorrow I’m going on a family trip 🙂 So right now I’m sitting on the train which means that I have plenty of time, which is a very unusual situation, haha 😀 This is why I decided to write a few lines about what happened to me since I came back from the UK. Basically, things got a bit chaotic related to work, since I had many administrative stuff to do afterwards the trip, which means that I was covered with invoices, accompanying documents, currency translations, experimental reports and so on. Of course I had to continue my experimental work in the laboratory as well, and last Wednesday and Thursday I also attended a conference at the National Academy of Sciences. Moreover, I need to complete my application to the National Excellence Scholarship Program. If you remember, last year I won this research grant, and now I have the chance to prolong the scholarship 🙂 Well, basically an application process is quit

Bloom Budapest flower crown workshop

EN: This week I was invited to a flower crown workshop organized by Bloom Budapest, which made me excited a little 🙂 I love such events, where I can show my creativity and prepare something which inspires me, since I have quite a busy lifestyle, but such activities can help me to take a break and relax a little 🙂 On Wednesday I spent the day at a conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and then joined the girls in the afternoon. I got an excellent welcome with super tasty cakes and homemade lemonade, then I started preparing my own flower crown 🙂 I chose pastel pink roses and some white flowers, so my crown was a perfect match with my outfit, hehe 🙂 I absolutely love it, what do you think? I’m quite grateful to Bloom Budapest for the invitation, I had a wonderful time! If you are interested, you can join one of the upcoming workshops, check their Facebook page for the details! 🙂 HU: A héten A Bloom Budapest Virágkorona workshopjára kaptam meghívást, amit rendkívül vártam 🙂

Készülj fel a fitt életmódra!

Tudjátok, hogy a rendszeres edzés már régóta az életem része, emellett pedig nem győzöm hangsúlyozni, hogy a mozgás mellett elengedhetetlen az egészséges táplálkozás is. Utóbbit sokaknak nehéz beilleszteni a pörgős mindennapokba, pedig nem olyan nehéz a dolog, mint ahogy elsőre tűnik. Közeleg a nyár, így mindenki formába akarja hozni magát, és még az is kicsit jobban odateszi magát az edzések során, akinek a mozgás az élete része. Ha kacérkodtok az életmódváltás gondolatával, netán már jó úton jártok, de szükségetek van 1-2 tippre, most szeretnék Veletek megosztani pár tanácsot, ami segíthet, különösen az edzés előtti és utáni órákra fókuszálva. Összeállításomban a Korzó üzletközpontok termékei közül válogattam. Szerintem a legtöbben munka után délután, vagy este jutunk el edzeni (minden tiszteletem azoké, akik kora reggel, munka előtt lenyomják az edzésüket), így természetes, hogy napközben elfáradunk és nem mellesleg, m

UK Travel Diary #3: London ♥

EN: I finished my UK trip in London, since I had my flight back to Budapest from there anyway… 🙂 I guess it was 12-13 years ago, when I visited London during a 2-week stay in the UK, so I was wondering how is sightseeing going to be as a serious adult, haha 😀 I arrived to my accommodation on Sunday in the early afternoon, and after some relax I started my sightseeing tour at the Kensington Palace. Usually I went everywhere on foot to see as much as possible, except 1-2 longer distances, when I took the bus. After visiting the palace, I was walking through Hyde Park to the Buckingham Palace, and then through St. James Park I reached Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace with Big Ben 🙂 That was my plan for Sunday afternoon and evening, so after having a look at the London Eye from the riverside, I walked back to my hostel 🙂 On Monday, I took the bus to St. Paul’s Cathedral, then I walked to the Tower of London. Walking across the Tower Bridge I ended up at the other side of the river, then I

UK Travel Diary #2: New Forest National Park

EN: This week was extremely hard regarding to my research work, so after spending 55-60 hours in the lab, performing experiments and the evaluating data, it was high time for some leisure activity 🙂 Right now I’m on my way to London, where I’m going to stay until Tuesday, so before the “big city life”, I wanted to spend some time in a calm and relaxing environment, close to nature 🙂 Yesterday in the morning I had the plan to visit the Isle of Wight, but then Sue, my landlady recommended me to go to the New Forest National Park instead. I took her advice, so at first I took a train to Lymington and then a bus to Milford on Sea. I had 30 minutes, since the bus comes only once in an hour, which made me a bit pissed at first, but then I discovered the local market with so many artisan goodies, so spent my time tasting cheese, pesto and such things… 😉 From Milford on Sea, I was walking by the coastline to Hurst Castle and then covered a large area of the park. I walked more than 10 miles, so fel

FitBalance Fitness Expo 2017