A New Beginning

Winter Style Lessons By My Favourite Bloggers

The weather is getting more and more colder, but this doesn't have to mean we only wear knitted clothes from now. Obviously, layered dressing is the first, but comfort is farly not everything. In fall I usually can't decide what to wear, I thought maybe you know this situation (why wouldn't you know it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's that lame puzzled), so I collected a few fall outfits from my favourite bloggers to wear in 2015.How are you doin'? And how about Christmas preparation? In the last few days I worked A LOT on presents, cookies, decorations, everything about the holidays. I'm sorry but I didn't have any free time - you even won't believe how this post was "born". I wrote it in September, but I forgot to post it, and then the weather and the calendar turned December, so now I changed it title from "Autumn Style Lessons" to "Winter Style Lessons". So tricky, haha. Nevermind, have a nice holiday, and don't forget to check out the blog! xx***Egyre hűvösebb az idő (lehet még ennél is hűvöse

Xmas Is Coming | Gift Guide

You may have already started thinking about Christmas presents. I know it isn't easy, these days I'm puzzled as well (but this year I have a super surprise idea), so I thought it would be nice if I could help you with some advice. I don't know how much money do you usually spend on presents and who do you buy presents for, so I wrote ideas in each category. ***Biztosan ti is elkezdtetek már gondolkodni a karácsonyi ajándékokon. Tudom, hogy nehéz, ilyenkor általában én is tanácstalan vagyok (bár idén van egy szuper ötletem, ami egyelőre meglepetés), ezért gondoltam, hogy kicsit besegítek azoknak, akik még nem találták meg a tökéletes ajándékokat. Nem tudom, hogy ti mekkora értékben szoktatok vásárolni és nagyjából kiknek, ezért "mindenféle" ötleteket gyűjtöttem, amiből tudtok gyűjteni egy kis inspirációt.1. CLOTHESI know that not everyone likes to get clothes, but it worth surprising with a knitted cardigan who does. This "category" contains shoes, bags, jewellery and ot

Something Old And Simple

In Hungary it was snowing today. At first we were happy about it, but then it transformed into a terrible rain and there was mud everywhere. And while this was happening, I realized winter makes my life as a fashion blogger much-much harder, because of the cold weather - but I'll try to keep my blog active, just stay with me.Today I clicked on my site and I just realized I haven't post for 8 (!) days, so I was so sad and I had to find something to post. Finally I found these pictures taken in September, and I don't understand why I didn't post them. The outfit I was wearing is quite simple: stripedd oversized shirt, white pants, white sneakers, statement necklace, grey sweatshirt - and the top of the cake, the super corall pink coat! But now I have to do my workout, see you soon! xx***Észrevettétek, hogy ma havazott? Mi egy ideig örültünk neki, aztán hatalmas pocsolya lett az utcán, meg aztán végül már nem is a hó, hanem az eső esett. Közben pedig rájöttem, hogy azzal, hogy ilyen hideg lett é

Holidays Are Coming | The What-To-Buy Dilemma

December is going to be here soon, and holidays are coming with it. I know most of you start thinking about what elegant clothes to buy for Christmas and NYE (or what kind of presents to give your loved ones, but I'll write about this topic a bit later).I've already mentioned about a week ago that I'm taking part in Farfetch's competition called "Holidays Are Coming". Many bloggers got invited to this and our task is to style one or more party looks for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve featuring Farfetch's designer clothes (Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Alexander McQueen). It wasn't hard to find beautiful pieces, my only problem was that they were a bit too much elegant (businesswomen-like), so maybe my sets are not as young as I wanted them to be.I know I'm not helping a lot with the luxury stuff, but you don't need a Chanel dress to be stylish! These are just a few ideas, you can get inspired by them to create your perfect party outfit. (But don't forget to check out Farfetch's sales as well!)I hope you lik


Yesterday Rebeka was at my place, we watched fashion shows and made art. We also took a few pictures, she wore my peplum lace top with jeans. I wore an inscriptive sweatshirt from SheIn (thank you for the gift!) and my all-the-time boyfriend jeans you've seen already in a hundred posts. A few days ago it went through some changes, I cut off its legs a bit, gave it patched, so it looks better now.And finally, another (but last) huge apology for posting only weekly. Until the next (special) post, check out my Polyvore! xx***Tegnap nálunk volt Rebeka, divatbemutatókat néztünk és művészkedtünk. Készítettünk néhány képet is, ő a peplumos csipkefelsőmet viselte farmerrel, én pedig egy feliratos pulcsit, amit nemrég kaptam a SheIn-tól (köszönöm!) és a boyfriend jeansemet, amit már rengetegszer láttatok. Néhány napja viszont kicsit átalakítottam, levágtam a szárát, "befoltoztam" a lyukakat, most egészen emberi (farmeri) kinézete van.Ismét, de ezúttal tényleg utoljára elnézést k

Walking In Versailles

I know it's a littlebit late, but I didn't have time to post this until now. These are my last pictures from Paris. You may have seen on my Instagram (@florabugan) that we visited Versailles. We first walked around the amazing and huge garden, then we went inside to the castle. I loved the both, but there was a lot of people there. Although we were so-so tired, we climbed the Eiffel Tower (2. storey, 720 stairs) at the end of the day.That day I tried to wear warm and comfortable clothes, that's why I chose my hundred years old boyfriend (mom) jeans, a Zara blazer and a heart patterned knitted top I bought in Forever21 the day before. Naturally I was wearign my crown headband (princess forever), my ankleboots and a pair of adorable sunglasses I borrowed from my BFF, Rebeka.I'll post some new outfits soon (as soon as the weather get better and less foggy), I'm waiting forward to get some packages, and I got an invitation to a contest from farfetch.com, so stay tuned! Until then don't forget to check my social m

Eiffel Tower Tourist

On the last day we spent in Paris we went to Trocadero, from where the Eiffel Tower can be seen perfectly. We took some photos of the outfit I also worn in Disneyland. (I was so sorry for that we couldn't take pictures of the set there, but so many people, so little space...) I found the powder pink sweatshirt and ankleboots at Zara Girl on the first day. I always wanted to buy the similar to both, but I've never found the perfect pullover or booties. I also worn my princess headband (obviously) that actually was a great offer. I wasn't sure about it until I woke up the next day I bought it and thought I want to wear it. And the same happened to me on the next days as well, so I my headband became an all-the-time item of my wardrobe during my Paris trip. I love it so much, thank you Zara! xx***A Párizsban töltött utolsó napunkon ellátogattunk a Trocaderora, ahonnan nagyon jól látszik az Eiffel-torony. Éppen ezért készítettünk itt néhány képet arról az outfitről, amit egyébként Disneylandben


We get home from Paris yesterday, I really enjoyed the time spent there! We got there by plane and our accommodation was in Montparnasse. We started our sightseeing trip as soon as we arrived, we visited a few museums (Louvre, Orsay and Orangerie), we've been to Disneyland and Versailles, and we climbed up to the top of Eiffel Tower, obviously. I liked the luxury boutiques (such as Dior and Chanel at Village Royale), and Lafayette, the place to shop for rich Parisians. In the rest of time, we shopped at Rue Rivoli, we ate delicious food (you need to visit Bertie's Cupcakery when in Paris), so I'm sure this trip was a good choice - my autumn holiday was awesome! Now I only show a few pictures (you may have seen a few of them on my Instagram already), but we also took outfit photos, I'm going to post them soon as well! xx***Tegnap éjjel értünk haza Párizsból, nagyon élveztem az ott töltött időt. Repülővel mentünk és a Montparnasse nevű városrészben szálltunk meg. A hetünket leginkább városn

One Love

Nowadays I'm a littlebit busy with workout, things to do, learning and other school projects. Yesterday I realized that since school've started, I haven't sew anything, but I promise I'll be much more active when I come home from Paris (god, I'm even not there yet, but I'm already thinking about what to do when get home). So keep watching!In the last few weeks I also lost my motivation. I know I'm a beginner blogger yet, but I feel sick when I see "no comments/no shares/no likes" after my posts. This is so bad, have you ever felt anything like that? :(But start talking about something actually important, so today I dressed up like a model off the catwalk, or at least that was my inspiration (yes, sure, I still have MY body, not a model's). And, on casual weekdays I'm not wearing a pencil skirt, but it's weekend, let's freak out, let's spend some modey, take your shirt off honey. I'm joking, so today I was wearing a pencil skirt with my new favourite top, a navy Zara turtleneck. xx***Mostanában kicsit el vagy

Imperfect Beauty

Weather is getting more autumnlike, but I can't say I'm not happy about it, because I am. I love cool seasons and the leaves while falling down. And I almost forgot: I'm flying to Paris in 10 days, I can't even wait until that! Oh, and I wanted to ask you if you could help me with a few famous sights, restaurants, shops or any great places to visit. I've already noticed a hundred things, but we still have some time unfilled (yes, I have our timetable for a week), so I thought you could give me a few tips.Today I was wearing my old bird patterned trousers. It's 4-5 years old now, but it still fits me and I adore that pattern! I used to wear them with pastels, but I thought I should try them out with black - and the result is so good! Anyway, maybe a bit too much elegant for me, so I took on my new new new favourite Zenzero necklace (thank you very much again!) that arrived in the latest package. That colour.... xx***Az időjárás kezd ősziesre váltani, de nem mondom, hogy nem örülök neki. Szeretem a hide

Dorko x Halott Pénz | GIVEAWAY

Biztosan ismeritek a Halott Pénz nevű magyar zenekart. Manapság nagyon népszerűek, vezetik a slágerlistákat, és év eleje óta egy hazai designermárkával, a Dorkoval kollaborálnak.Korábban már készültek sapkák és szemüvegek az együttes feliratával, most viszont egy rendhagyó pólókollekcióval rukkolt elő a tervező. A kollekció minden darabján egy üzenet olvasható (Nélküled elindulni Halott Pénzre? NA MÉG MIT NEM!), illetve egyik pólón az egyik mondat, egy másikon pedig a másik mondat. Az ötletet egy pár adta, akik saját készítésű felsőben jelentek meg az egyik koncerten.És most jön a legjobb része, ugyanis a Dorko felajánlott két szerencsés olvasónak egy-egy pólót! Mit kell tenned, ha szeretnéd megnyerni az egyiket?1. Lájkold a blogom Facebook oldalát!2. Oszd meg ezt a képet! (Fontos, hogy a megosztás nyilvános legyen!)3. Írj kommentet a kép alá!Extra eséllyel indulsz a pólókért, ha Instagramon (@florabugan) is követsz (írd bele a kommented

SheIn Lovelies

I can't say I prefer webshops to going to real shopping tours, but sometimes I just can't find the thing I'm looking for in my favourite fast fashion shops. This time SheIn asked me to look around their website and pick out a few items I like from their offer. SheIn is one of the most known websites (around bloggers), you may have already ordered from them, but if you haven't, it's time to do that! Have a nice weekend! xx***Nem mondom, hogy jobban szeretek webshopokról rendelni, mint igazi boltokat végigjárni, de előfordul, hogy sehol nem találok olyasmit, amire éppen szükségem lenne, ilyenkor szoktam körülnézni az interneten. Ezúttal a SheIn kért meg, hogy nézzek körül az oldalukon és válasszak ki néhány dolgot, ami tetszik. A SheIn a bloggerek körében az egyik legismertebb ilyen oldal, biztos rendeltetek már tőlük, de ha még nem tettétek, itt az ideje! xx1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


This dress has just arrived from Dorottya of Chloe From The Woods. It was love at first sight, I adore its colour and the turtleneck. This beauty can be worn with aboslutely anything, it goes with pastel colours, black or white, but I even can imagine it with burgundy accessories. This time I channeled it with a silver statement necklace and basic white sneakers. I wore the same outfit on a concert on Friday, it was so comfortable, I liked it.This week we've been working on a new decoration project, maybe next time I'll post the pics. Have a nice day! xx***Ez a csodás neoprén ruha a Chloe From The Woods bloggerétől, Dorottyától érkezett pár napja. Nagyon megtetszett, egyszerűen imádom a színét és a magas nyakát (turtleneck). Gyakorlatilag bármivel viselhető, jól mutat pasztellszínekkel, fehérrel vagy feketével, de akár egy bordó kiegészítővel is el tudnám képzelni. Most egy ezüstös statement nyaklánccal dobtam fel, és basic fehér tornacipőt viseltem hozzá. Ugyanezt az outfite

3D Printing

A few days ago a company emailed me, their name is Shapeways and they deal with 3D printing. They asked me to write a summary about this technique and its application area in the fashion industry. (Thank you very much for reaching out to me, means a lot!)The additive manufacturing process consists of modelling and printing. First you have to create your shape on the computer and then the printer makes it real in several layers (the main material is plastic). It's a bit hard to explain, but you can find a video here. Most people think it can be useful only for modelling, but that's not true. Nowadays there are 3D printed shoes, houses, but I also read that chocolate can be used as an ingredient, too. And it's known in the fashion world already! There are some designers who made whole collections with this technique. The 3D printed clothes look so creative and original, so I think they actually made waves.Shapeways is a marketplace for designers to upload and sell their 3D products. There are many categories, s

Polka Dots

I've always wanted to have dotted tights, because they go with everything and make your set chic. I got this beauty last from my granny, thank you, I adore it!Lately I had more freetime than usual, so I started writing a few posts. I'm planning to show my fall clothing inspirations, and I'd like to change a bit, too. I'm all the time working on the layout, but I thought now it's time to move the blog to a final 'home', so my own domain is coming! But until then, stay tuned - an interesting post is on its way already! xx***Nagyon régóta vágytam egy pöttyös harisnyára, mert akármilyen szettet fel tud dobni. A múlt héten kaptam ezt a csodás darabot a mamámtól, köszönöm, imádom! Ja igen, és tudom, hogy a képeken teknősfejet vágok, de a valóságban abszolút nem így nézek ki! (Legalábbis remélem...)Most kicsit több a szabadidőm, mint általában, ezért belekezdtem több bejegyzésbe is, ezeket hamarosan látni fogjátok a blogon. Tervezek még egy őszi stílusinspirációs posztot, és

Autumn Outfit Ideas

I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to dress on cooler days. I always start autumn with a wardrobe-sorting (even if I don't actually need my knitted clothes in September), but I still have nothing to wear on mornings.But I have some tips for those who are in the this juncture (including myself). I tried to create a few outfits you can wear in school. xx***Biztos nem én vagyok az egyetlen, aki ősszel nem tud rendesen felöltözni. A gardróbomat mndig át szoktam rendezni (már szeptember első napjaiban előveszem a kötött pulóvereket), de ettől függetlenül minden reggel ugyanolyan tanácstalan állok előtte.Viszont lenne néhány ötletem/tippem azoknak, akik ugyanebben a helyzetben vannak (köztük magamnak is). Igyekeztem olyan szetteket összeállítani, amik iskolába is viselhetőek, kényelmesek és melegítenek is. Remélem, hogy egy kicsit azért tudok segíteni! xx_________________________________________________________________________1. Rainy daysIf it's possible, I like dr

Mixing Styles

The thing I love the most in fashion is mixing different styles. There was a time when I only wanted to wear elegant clothes, but since then I got bored of being boring (sounds funny but true). I finally gave myself a chance to experiment a bit with fashion, and I can say it's so interesting.I found these lazy boyfriend jeans in mom's wardrobe, they go with my favourite lace top. The result is the mix of tomboy and romantic. xx***Azt szeretem a legjobban a divatban, hogy lehet játszani a különböző stílusokkal. Régebben csak elegáns darabokat hordtam, de nemrég meguntam, hogy unalmas vagyok (viccesen hangzik, de így van). Elkezdtem kísérletezgetni egy kicsit, és az eredmény tényleg sokkal látványosabb.Anyukám szekrényében találtam ezt a farmert, ami egy kicsit boyfriend fazonú (ugyanis 32-es helyett 36-os méretű), de mégis passzol a kedvenc csipkefelsőmhöz. Az összhatás a "tomboy" és a romantikus stílus keveréke, nekem nagyon tetszik. xxpants - vintage, originally from H&M / top

A Piece Of Happiness

It's Saturday! My first school week was very-very long, it will take some time to get back to this life. But a few days ago I got a package from Happiness Boutique, I was so happy about it! I got a lovely necklace as a blogger gift. Although it's a statement one, it's not that bold, so this necklace goes with absolutely anything! I'm serious, I could wear it with any of my clothes. Thank you very much!In autumn, people like wearing boring and dark colours, but not me! (Expect this time.) I found this skirt in Pull&Bear, it's a kind of winter piece. I love the lace detail, so imaginative. I tried to make the set more autumnlike with my fedora and a white oversized shirt. Is it too much boho?***Hűha, végre szombat! Az első hét elég hosszú volt, még nem rázódtam vissza teljesen a sulis életbe. A legrosszabb egyértelműen a korán kelés, de azért a hetedik órák sem a szívem csücskei. Viszont néhány napja csomag érkezett a Happiness Boutique-tól, nagyon örültem neki! Blogger ajándékként k

Throwback - My Summer In Pictures

Beachy Waves

As today was my last chance to go to the beach this summer, I decided to take advantage of this and have a last morning swim. School seriously starts the day after tomorrow, I can't believe!Yesterday I went shopping with my family (even my grandparents came with us) and I bought a lot of wonderful things for fall. I can't say anything but I adore sales.I found these slippers in F&F, I was just amazed when I first saw them. I wore them with my new striped shorts and grey tee from Bershka.I'm wishing a great school year for all of you, hope your summer was fine! xx***Mivel holnap már évnyitó (kedden pedig iskola), ma volt az utolsó alkalmam strandolni, és ki is használtam. Igazából nekem továbbra sem tragikus, hogy eltelt a nyár, mert szeretek iskolába járni (nem viccelek), de akkor is nagyon hamar elrepült.Tegnap vásárolni mentünk a családommal (még a nagyszüleimet is vittük), és egy csomó szuper dolgot tudtam venni. Imádom a leárazásokat, de tényleg.Erre a papucsra az F&F-ben talált

Last Seconds Of Summer

I can't believe summer is almost over already! I spent a lot of time with blogging, drawing and sewing, so I can say this season was so interesting for me. I started practising for my entrance exam (it will be organized in January), and I have a very good results, so I have nothing to worry about. This summer I've been to Croatia, but my Parisian holiday was canceled and we're flying to France in October. (You can see my plans about places to visit later!) Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you the best thing happened to me this summer. Some webshops emailed me and asked me if I would like to do a collaboration with them. I'll get clothes from Happiness Boutique and Dresslink, and the orders are on their way already!I don't really mind that the school starts in 3 days, how about you?These pictures were taken a few days ago, I wore a striped basic top with high waisted shorts. xx***El sem hiszem, hogy a nyárnak máris vége! Viszont úgy érzem, tartalmasan töltöttem el, például elkezdtem készülni a felvé

Happiness Boutique

Well, this is not a wishlist post, rather a "being-so-happy" post.You may've already heard about Happiness Boutique. It's a wonderful, high quality webshop that sells statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and clothes, too. I love everything, everything about this page. And listen, they offered me a collaboration! They'd like to send me a necklace absolutely free to show it on my blog in an outfit post.I watched many haul videos from this page and everyone was satisfied with their jewellery and clothes, too. So it absolutely worth to order from here, and I'm sure you'll find your next favourite necklace/earrings/bracelet/ring here.As I mentioned, there are a lots of wonderful jewellery and I don't know which necklace should I choose. I'm sure I would like something special, a littlebit colourful, shiny and gold. (Oh, and they said I'd like to, I should choose earrings instead.)I love the following the most. Product links below the picture. xx***Újra itt vagyok, de bármennyire is annak tűnik, ez

Interview with Tereza of Cury In The City

I found Tereza's blog (Cury In The City) when she left a comment on my latest post. She's a Czech girl who lived in Paris for 11 months and started the blog with her friend. Such a good idea, and I think they had a lot of fun while taking outfit photos together. Unfortunately the other girl gave up blogging, but CITC is still really stylish, so it absolutely worth to visit it.I emailed her and asked if I can write a post and do an interview with her, and she said yes. I wrote a bit too much questions, but I hope you enjoy them! :)***Tereza blogjára (Cury In The City) akkor találtam rá, amikor kommentált az előző bejegyzésemhez. Ő egy stílusos, kedves cseh lány, 11 hónapig Párizsban élt és tanult. A blogot egy barátnőjével indította, ami biztosan nagyon élvezetes lehetett! De a másik lány később azonban abbahagyta a bejegyzések írását, így Tereza lett a CITC blog egyedüli írója. Mindenképpen látogassátok meg a blogot!Küldtem neki egy emailt, amiben arra kértem, hadd csinálj


I have a very nice weekend until now, even if the weather is so stormy here. I started my day with a healthy snack (yogurt, oat bran with banana and honey & peach-grape-berry smoothie), as the part of my eating clean project. I can say that I had much more energy than ever, this was such a perfect breakfast. In the afternoon I went shopping with my family, I bought some lovelies in drugstore, such as an Esteé Lauder BB creme, a lipstick and I also found the perfect nude nail polish. Finally.As I mentioned, Hungary is not so sunny now, I only can post some older pictures. We took these about a week ago, when it was terribly hot.I wore a long sleeve white shirt from Stradivarius with vintage pants. I really like wearing my mom's old clothes, they're so interesting! xx***Eddig nagyon jól telt a hétvégém, annak ellenére, hogy az utóbbi pár napban szinte egyfolytában esett az eső. A mai napot egy különleges, egészséges csemegével indítottam (joghurt, zabkorpa banánnal és mézzel & barack-szőlő-